Placemaking in St James’s London

Placemaking in St James’s London


Last year Mr. President was appointed by The Crown Estate to develop a new positioning for the area of St James’s, London, and to raise the awareness of one of the capital’s hidden gems.

After weeks of immersing ourselves in the local history, the local culture, the local businesses, galleries and the odd local pub, it became clear that one thing that connected everything in this extraordinary area is the fact that every single experience is completely unique.

From its bespoke shoemakers, independent artists, innovative cuisine and pioneering businesses, St James’s truly is one of a kind.

A year on from the launch of the ‘One of a Kind’ positioning, we’ve evolved the area with a series of completely unique experiences. From redesigning every issue of the St James’s Correspondent to be a one-off, to building a website that curates you a bespoke tour of the area, or crafting a handmade 3D interactive map that allows you to explore intriguing secrets of the area. Read more about the projects below, but the true ‘One of A Kind’ experience is best explored on foot.

St James’s Correspondent

When you promote a ‘One of a Kind’ place, you need a one of a kind publication. Writing and publishing a new issue isn’t newsworthy in itself but delivering something one of a kind each issue is.

Every issue of the relaunched Correspondent is designed to be read from the centre outwards, with a bespoke map of contents guiding you between articles from the west of St James’s to those from the east. Each written piece details the exclusive stories and crafts of the people and retailers that make the area so exceptional.

As well as this unique format, each edition is also designed to be a one-off. In the first issue of the relaunched Correspondent’s pages were laced with a bespoke fragrance crafted at internationally renowned Jermyn Street perfumer Floris, with scents based on the articles of the edition.

Download the issue here.

The St James’s London Website

When designing the new St James’s website our main aim was to help give visitors a completely tailored experience of the area.

Therefore, as well as constructing detailed area guides that linked the shopping, dining, art and culture of St James’s, we also created the ‘Explore’ function that allowed users to create their own bespoke guides to the area. This one of a kind curation tool asks the user to select their interests and time of visit, and then delivers a custom itinerary and journey of places based on their preferences.

Visit the website here.

The Pavilion

The St James’s Market Pavilion provides an incredible opportunity to showcase the area on a unique backdrop. Our challenge here was to bring The Pavilion to life through the ‘One of a Kind’ lens.

Our solution, an interactive exhibit that revealed the secrets of St James’s. Made from conductive brass the exhibit is a three-dimensional top-down map of St James’s including buildings, roads, and key landmarks. When a key landmark is touched, the map triggers an associated cabinet to light up and reveal an artefact and unique story related to the area.

The exhibit serves as not only a piece of interactive artwork but a dynamic way of educating residents and passers-by about this unique area of London.

View the exhibit St James’s Market Pavilion, SW1Y 4AH.

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