Perfection in the Kitchen

Perfection in the Kitchen


After this season’s Great British Bake Off, millions of people now know that going a few degrees too hot on the hob can mean ruining your whole batch of caramel. The passionate home cooks that Miele targets are a smart and discerning audience and look for ever greater precision. Just one degree difference in cooking temperature can make or break their ambitious recipes.

For Miele and its high-end kitchen appliances, great design is a given, it’s the precise performance that makes this brand stand above others. But how can we explain this complex kitchen technology in an intriguing way? Well, lucky for us, Miele has a strong community of inspiring advocates – the UK’s top chefs. So we created “The Perfection Series” – a content series that features three British based chefs who use a suite of Miele appliances, cooking a dish of their choosing.

The three-video series features notable UK chefs Doug McMaster, Founder of Silo Brighton, Martin Major, Head Chef at Flitch of Bacon, and Sven-Hanson Britt, Owner at Hardley Hill Farm.

From zero-waste and local purveyors to fresh caught seafood, the Perfection Series shows these chefs sharing their philosophies and techniques while perfecting and sharing their own unique recipes. Viewers see the technology in action – creating consistently cooked cakes with the steam oven and the induction hobs’ self-adjusting technology that measures and maintains a consistent temperature for pots and pans (no burnt sugar here!). The chefs hope to show domestic cooks new techniques and ideas to inspire them to create more in the kitchen.

The work is being distributed within Four magazine, a lead industry title for chefs, and available to watch on Der Kern – Miele’s hub for kitchen and cooking inspiration.

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