Alexa Has Something to Say

Mr. President
Posted by Mr. President

Ever had a question about the LGBTQ+ community but were too embarrassed to ask? Like what’s the deal with pronouns? Or what do all the letters after LGBT stand for? Mr. President has created a playful way to have your questions answered.

Amazon’s Alexa will ask the questions for you at a Q+A session at Cannes this year, using a brand new Skill that we’ve developed. You can submit questions for Alexa to ask, however strange or silly, via an anonymous form on this website:

The idea was inspired by our brand defining work with Stonewall, “Come Out for LGBT”, to extend the charity’s influence beyond LGBTQ+ communities, and will help inform the Stonewall Skill we are launching in summer.

We want to encourage people to come out as visible and active supporters of LGBTQ+ rights. It’s our hope that, with the help of Alexa, we can all learn to become better allies for  LGBTQ+ people.

We’re proud to announce that the project will be our first collaboration with Mr. President’s creative innovation and tech partners, First Lady. The agency was recently founded by Mr President Creative Director Thea Hamrén, and Emil Rydberg in Stockholm. We are excited for this to be the first of many future collaborations.

The Q+A will be co-chaired by our very own Chief Creative Officer, Laura Jordan Bambach, and Amazon Echo’s Alexa. Laura and Alexa will be joined by panelists including Tom Trevelyan (Havas London) and Tea Uglow (Google Creative Lab, Sydney). Our LGBTQ+A will be on the Terrace Stage at 4:15pm on Monday 18th June.

To submit a question for the Q+A, and to find out more details about the event, please visit