You by MOO. Part Two.

You by MOO. Part Two.


We believe in the power of big brand ideas: long term creative platforms that enable a myriad of executions, which all add up to something bigger.

They also create the opportunity for evolving the message over time as the types of people you want to connect with diversifies. We’ve helped make this a reality with our client MOO:

MOO is a business design and printing service. Whilst their competitors operate in a sea of rational sameness, MOO’s DNA is creativity – hence their core existing audience are creative types (photographers, illustrators and the like). Their business challenge is to extend beyond this and connect with broader businesses, especially in the US, where MOO still has little awareness next to VistaPrint and Staples.

Last year we asked the brave question ‘how do you extend beyond the creatives without alienating them?” and boldly answered that there are creative minded individuals in every business, no matter what their industry. They are passionate about their business and what makes it unique. So we connected directly with creative people within small businesses, by showing them that MOO helps make the perfect paper version of them and their business. This is You by MOO.

As a result of the first campaign, awareness of MOO continues to skyrocket in the US, and website traffic is on the rise every month – proving the success of the strategy. So this year, we’ve evolved for phase two: a plan to connect with even larger, more corporate businesses.

With this audience the core of the idea still rings true: there are creative people within every business. However, this time we are bringing to life a printing scenario that is true to their needs – producing business card designs that work for every different employee in their business.

The hero film features Jenny, an office manager at a fictional games company, Jump Games. She enlists the help of the fantastical MOO machine to take the things that makes her business unique, and creates business cards for the entire company.

The campaign can be seen across digital, radio, connected TV, pre-roll and MOO’s owned channels, across the UK and US this Spring.

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