MOO: You by MOO

MOO: You by MOO

Integrated Campaign, MOO

We already knew that revolutionary printing company MOO are all about design-led creativity and innovative approaches, so when it came to launching an awareness campaign in the US we knew we could turn our creativity tap on to full and let those juices flow.


In creating the integrated campaign “You by MOO” we wanted to demonstrate that the little business card in your hand is actually the perfect paper expression of you.


The hero film sees the ‘MOO Machine’, a fantastical contraption that takes what makes you and your business great and turns it into the perfect premium paper version of you. Magic.


Launched nationwide with a focus on key US cites – Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco, MOO’s wonderfully premium design-led approach to stationery can be shared further and wider. It is such an appealing proposition for people and businesses who deserve a more personalised, premium offering.

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