Greenpeace: Cats VS Bad Tuna

Greenpeace: Cats VS Bad Tuna


We’ve teamed up with Greenpeace and the famous ‘cativists’ of the Internet once again to put our paws up for a new cause.

This time, we’re tackling the human and pet food companies that exploit humans and trash oceans to get their produce.

Using the power of cuteness, the #badtuna campaign aims to get cat lovers around the globe to put pressure on food companies to come clean about where its seafood comes from, and to prove it’s not feeding our cats bad tuna.

Our online feline favourites include Lil BUB, Captain Pancakes, Nala Cat and Winston Smushface, who all want to lift the lid on the realities of how their favourite cat food makes it into the can.

Sign the petition here:

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