Freesat: The Fanaticals

Freesat: The Fanaticals


Ah, take a deep breath and recall the last time you took a proper holiday. You know, when you were able to kick up your feet and relax. Maybe you were on your dream vacation lying in a swimming pool on an inflatable lobster. No? That was just us. If you’re a Freesat customer, that might just be you. After getting rid of those dreaded monthly satellite TV subscription fees, your worries just float away.

Freedom to float along isn’t the only thing to celebrate: Freesat’s Autumn advertising campaign is here. Building on last year’s ‘Unbelievably Good’ campaign, Freesat’s new campaign showcases the fantastic feelings that customers experience after making the big switch.

Jon Gledstone, ECD and Partner at Mr. President said, “After launching the ‘Unbelievably Good’ campaign last year, we’ve enjoyed seeing the absurdly positive comments about the service continue to roll in from customers. We couldn’t write them better ourselves. So we didn’t. Instead we used them to inspire the feeling of going subscription free.”

The campaign is led by a new 30-second TV spot, “The Fanaticals,” directed by Ben Gregor, which features three scenes dramatising real customers’ tales of the freedom they feel and the things they’ve achieved now they’ve gotten rid of their contracts and monthly subscriptions. And yes, as you guessed, there is a lobster inflatable featured.

Since the ‘Unbelievably Good’ campaign launched in October 2016, more pay TV subscribers are wobbling towards Freesat. Device sales are up 90% over the previous financial year,  and Freesat reaches over 2 million homes with its free satellite TV service, which features over 200 channels.

With freedom from monthly subscription fees and savings to make all your holiday dreams come true, it’s easy to see why Freesat customers are so fanatical.

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