Greenpeace: Cats Save Tigers

Greenpeace: Cats Save Tigers

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Greenpeace wanted to generate awareness of their Save the Tigers initiative, and reach a younger audience not familiar to Greenpeaces work.

The idea? The biggest cats online, save the biggest cats in the wild.

On July 29th 2014 – International Tiger Day – we launched a cat video with a mission.  The world’s favourite social felines, including Lil BUB, Princess Monster Truck, Nala Cat, Spangles and more, came together to save the tigers on International Tiger Day.

The Cats Save Tigers film is not just cute, but carries a serious message too – that there are only 3,000 tigers left in the wild today and, without serious action, these beautiful big cats are threatened by global extinction.
That’s why the biggest cats of the Internet took it into their own paws to save the biggest cats in the wild. Encouraging all cats around the world to join the cause and share the message on International Tiger Day.

The video and supporting Cats Save Tigers ‘meme’ maker were loved and shared around the world. Generating a reach of over 47 million, with 6,243 buzz mentions of the campaign coming from huge influencers like YouTube’s official channel on Twitter, People Magazine and 90’s music legend MC Hammer. As well as over 200,000 likes on Instagram photos. Greenpeace reached a completely new audience to call on for their continuous work and upcoming initiatives to save the tigers. To top it all off, Greenpeace have recently been named one of The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies of 2015 in Advertising/Marketing by Fast Company, with a nod to our Cats Saves Tigers work.

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