The Body Shop: Secrets from the massage hole

The Body Shop: Secrets from the massage hole

Film, The Body Shop

When The Body Shop wanted to launch their new Spas of the World products and rituals, we knew it was vital to get across that these products would not be out of place in a luxury spa. But we also needed to stay true to the brand’s tone of voice and approach it with a sense of humour.

While the products from this range contain ingredients from all over the world, we avoided the traditional approach of slow panning shots of these exotic locations. Rather we took the slightly less scenic and more comical route. The alluring message that you can feel like you’re in a luxury spa – paired with the blunt reality that, in fact, you’re not in a spa at all and you will need to provide your own masseur. If he happens to be window cleaner, so be it.

We created a series of three films, each revealing a different set of products and the different unwilling people you could rope in to ensure your seamless spa experience.

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