Bat beats

Bat beats

music, experiential, Bacardi

Under Congress Bridge, during SXSW14, we turned one of the world’s largest swarms of wild bats into electronic music, live.

A lot of firsts happen at the SXSW festival, the perfect intersection of new music and new technology.  Bacardi were keen to do something that made an impact on both.  So what better place to act untameably; and what better way than to give Bacardi’s iconic symbol, the bat, centre stage in our own innovative musical experiment. So we created Bat Beats.

With partners Immersive, we developed a unique software that tracked the motion of the bats as they left the bridge at dusk; influencing the composition, tone, pitch and effects of our live music performance. Using a simple slider interface, the lucky lot at SXSW could control these effects to play beautiful tunes with our furry friends.

The experiment ran over three nights, and we’re now busy creating an exclusive track from the results.

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