Cannes do!

Mr. President
Posted by Mr. President

Mr. President is proudly co-sponsoring one of the most anticipated new events at this year’s Cannes Lions festival of Creativity.

The VOWSS global collaboration is the brainchild of SheSays (the world-wide creative network for women co-founded by our very own Laura JB) in partnership with The Voice of a Woman, an organisation that features the work of filmmakers, creative leaders and risk-takers from around the world.

At Cannes, The VOWSS will celebrate the best short films, advertising and branded content created by women around the world. The best work of the year will be selected by The VOWSS jury, which is comprised of leaders in advertising, film, virtual reality and Hollywood, and there will be a winner selected across all pieces screened.

There will also be a screening by The VOWSS of five new women directors, as part of the official Cannes Entertainment Festival, on 22 June.

“We created The VOWSS as a forum to celebrate incredible creative work led and directed by women,” says Laura. “We believe that women need to be seen as creative superstars as much as agents of change.”

The VOWSS takes place from 2-6pm on 21 June 2017 at Cinema Les Arcades in Cannes, France. The following day The VOWSS will present a showcase of new directors’ work at the Lions Entertainment event.